Great Business Networking Information

A network of professionals, for professionals

Our mission is simple: we empower each other through desirable friendships that produce quality business from a variety of meaningful events.

GBN grew out of the belief that local business owners can improve their surrounding community through improved business relationships. Our philosophy is to focus on friendships first, business second.

We know that when business friendships are improved, there will be an increase in revenue and referrals being passed between professionals. Our members develop meaningful connections through our networking groups and a variety of diverse events hosted throughout the country.

About Our Meetings

Our philosophy drives our meetings: friendships first, business second. It’s simple, if you focus on making the members of your Chapter your friends, you will get more referrals, higher quality referrals, and your weekly meeting will become not only something to look forward to but something that helps you grow personally and professionally.

Here’s a little bit more about what our meetings look like:

  • Only one person from each professional industry is accepted into each Chapter.
  • Our meetings last for 60-90 minutes. Members are asked to arrive early and stay for the entire meeting.
  • All Chapters follow our format: a weekly educational segment, 10-minute member highlight presentation, updates on other networking events in the area, 60-second commercials and, of course, lots of referrals being shared.
  • Attendance is critical. We allow our members to miss no more than three (3) meetings every six (6) months or have a up to three (3) substitutes in the same six (6) month period.
  • In the past 10 years, we have passed well over 180,000 documented referrals and have produced over $410 Million in documented revenue
  • Our cost of membership is only $180 per year. There is a one-time application fee of $50.00.