Want to be a Part of the GBN Leadership?

We are continuing to grow rapidly and therefore, are searching for leaders nationwide. If you are interested in starting a GBN group or working with GBN in some capacity, NOW is your opportunity to do so. To get started, please fill out the application below after reviewing our requirements and benefits.

GBN is currently seeking:

  • Chapter Leaders
  • Leadership Team Members
  • Regional Licensees

A few of our highlights:

  • Solid leadership
  • Great marketing resources
  • Provided tools
  • Simple Online Application Process
  • Compensation
  • & much more!

Some other facts…

  • We are a National Not For Profit entity
  • We are expanding nationally
  • We are the ONLY networking group that has its own global networking app
  • We have a 70% renewal rate

Why be a leader in GBN?

  • We pay you for your time ($25 per new member).
  • We help you to develop a team to assist in running your region or group.
  • We allow our leaders to LEAD. We are very open to suggestions and give our leaders the power to make adjustments to their group and area as they see fit, within reason.
  • We are the premier group– that’s why other groups are switching over to the GBN platform.
  • You can feel proud knowing that the organization you represent and that is representing you is actively improving the community you live in through various activities/mediums.
  • We have simplified the joining, inviting, and follow up system and continue to improve on it.
  • We ensure you have all the tools you need to run your group- supplies, video training for leaders/members, marketing materials, active advertising, after hour events, and much more!
  • We allow you to craft groups to your demographic and assist you in reaching the clientele you need for your business (if applicable).
  • Our membership dues are FAR LESS than most other organizations- only $180 annually.

Your path to becoming a GBN Leader

  1. Take the DISC test at: http://discpersonalitytesting.com/free-disc-test/
  2. Take the Leadership Assessment: http://www.yourleadershiplegacy.com/assessment/assessment.php
  3. Fill out the application below.
  4. Meet/Conference with a GBN Board Member.
  5. Visit 2 other GBN Groups.
  6. Find 10 business professionals that want to join your new GBN Group.
  7. Find a restaurant, pick a date/time for the new group.
  8. Promote the new group to your interested members, your clients, and your current referral partners.
  9. Run the Group

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